WarrenPiece Originals - I enjoy making up greeting cards for people and many of my WarrenPiece Originals started out that way.  Here are some you may like.

1.  A Rip-Off of Gilbert & Sullivan 
I've always been a fan of Gilbert and Sullivan  Operettas.  This was an anniversary card to my wife which
I sang to her  to the tune of  "I am the very model of a modern major general."   

2.  Love's Last Audit
This is my first attempt and dates back to about 1996.  I don't remember the motivation at the time.  Probably just thinking about what a great wife I have.  

3.  A Fountainhead Revisited
This one was updated in 1998 to poem status.  It started out the year before as an anniversary card and sets out the story of our first date, back in 1961.  The poem is now updated each year on June 3rd, which is still a very special day in our lives. I had just come out of a bad marriage at the time. My buddy, Fred Underwood, was getting married and to get me to start dating again he said the only way I could come to his wedding was by bringing a date.  I tried to use the excuse that I didn't have a nice enough car to ask a girl out, but he told me to find a girl with a nice car.  I did, and the rest, as they say, is history.
    By the way Fred was a bass player in a band that was making the rounds of Denver's clubs and honky-tonks back in the sixties- If anybody knows him tell him to take a look here and see what he started.  I'd love to hear from him

4. The First Hurdle
Here's one that's self-explanatory:  A friend's first wedding anniversary

5. The Fisherman and The Lady 
This is my personal favorite.  It started out as a card for the 20th wedding anniversary of some fishing buddies.  Hope you like it.

6. Seize The Moment  As published on Poetry.Com

7. Gardens Of The Heart   As published on Poetry.Com

8.  The Murder Of The Mimes  
Here's a little bit of nonsense that doesn't mean much, but maybe you'll have some fun with it.

9. Churchy Chicanery
Here is one of my pet peeves.  The rhythm and rhyme is just a little bit of sugar to make the medicine go down easier.

10. Fibstorms 
Then some of it is just from responding in kind to a  fibstorm* I got in my email.  A  fellow meter beater in Wales, Thomas Vaughan Jones, had sent me an email about his computer problems.  It was about the time when a lot of us were getting bit by the MTX virus.  

*Fibstorm Follies was the name of an email newsletter that was put together by a Texan named Bob (Bubba) Badger back around the turn of the century.  The concept was for one person to begin a story and other members from all over the planet would add to it. The only catch was that it had to be done in rhyming meter.  See Sample Fibstorm Here

Other Great Lyrical Poetry
Invictus - W.E. Henley

The Twins - Henry S. Leigh
This one is heavier than it looks on the surface.

Night Is My Sister - Edna St.Vincent Millay

Incident of the French Camp - Robert Browning 
Thanks to Thomas Vaughan Jones for this  memory refresher.

And Some Not So Great But Fun Anyway
The O.J. Trial, as told by The Cat in the Hat
-Author Unknown

I went looking for cat jokes and came up with this.  I think it's interesting enough to take some space here.  Since it is signed "author unknown"  I guess I'm ripping off a ripper offer.   If someone knows who wrote it, let me know so I can post the credit.

Great Lyrics I grew up with but can no longer remember
Help me fill in the blanks  (This one is complete now - CLICK HERE to see it all.)

The Genius of Lorenz Hart-
Before there was a "Rogers & Hammerstein" it was "Rogers & Hart".  Lorenz Hart was perhaps the greatest lyricist ever to hit Tin Pan Alley. Here are a couple of examples of his work.
Mountain Greenery
Thou Swell



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