Rhyming With Rhythm

The Real Poetry

With eloquent verbosity,
and pompous grandiosity,
he'll voice his bellicosity
to show his intellect.

Devoid of any symmetry,
he'll pass it off as poetry,
but may I beg to differ,
though I mean no disrespect.

Blank verse is what he'll call it,
but no matter how you drawl it,
Mister Webster says that verse
means metric writing.

Since blank means lack of color,
I'll bet two cents to a dollar,
it's not poetry at all
that he's reciting.

Way back when I wore knickers,
there were even then traffickers
in this beat-less rhyme-less writing,
goodness knows.

But things were simpler then, you see.
We never called it poetry.
If there's no rhyme or rhythm,
it's just prose.

They say I'm no romanticist,
and surely I'm no fantasist,
but somewhat a semanticist,
who loves to turn a phrase.

I like to rhyme in meter,
and for me there's nothing neater,
than a rhyming meter-beater,
bringing back those good old days.

Just another WarrenPiece
January 10, 2001

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