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This is your page.  Let us know every good experience you have while working this campaign.

This just in:
 Monday, July 03, 2006 9:05 AM

On July 2nd, Bronte went out in the field with Jack.  She and Jack had a
wonderful time and had great success. Bronte for her first time came up
with a presentation and presented it on her own, Jack was with her at the
door, however she gave her own presentation. Bronte was so excited, and
as they would leave a door she would say "Mom we found someone home and
they took it" she and Jack were both full of smiles. When we were on our
way home, she said "Mom that was so much fun." She loved it!


Sunday, July 02, 2006 6:11 PM
First day experiences:
Gloria and I were working the downtown territory and stopped in at the rehab home on 2nd St.  We approached the weekend manager, who had been talking with one of the residents, to explain the invitation.  She was very positive about our visit and indicated that she would like us to come back.  Gloria is planning on returning to witness to her.  While Gloria was talking to her, the man she was counseling asked me if I knew Roger and Dena Wolfenbarger.  After a short discussion with him he asked us to stay to have a Bible discussion.  We explained the urgency of the work we were engaged in and had to go but he repeatedly asked us to stay so we made an appointment to return Wednesday morning.  The counselor was very supportive of us returning.
In the afternoon Gloria presented the tract to a young woman who listened very appreciatively.  She accepted the tract and we bid her a good afternoon and left.  As we were leaving she exclaimed, "Wait a minute - stop!!!"  She then went on to explain that this was the most pleasurable call by a Witness she had ever experienced.  She said that Gloria's presentation was warm, friendly, and very genuine.  Usually when Witnesses call she said she was stuck at the door for up to 45 minutes.  This time it was brief and to the point and very enjoyable.  Gloria asked if she could call back and the woman agreed.