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Welcome Dear Friends-

    Have you felt the excitement rippling through the congregation? There's nothing like a tract campaign to get the blood and the spirit flowing. Over the next three weeks we are hoping to cover our entire territory, from Metcalf Road to Church and from Monterey to the eastern ridge, inviting all to our upcoming "Deliverance At Hand" district convention.  

    The word of the day is, 'step lively and stay focused.'  As tall orders go this one is super-sized, but we are off to a great start and, with Jehovah's spirit behind us, we will meet the challenge and enjoy ourselves every step of the way.

    Rumor has it, there have already been some excellent experiences, which we will be passing along to you as we hear them first hand.

NOTE: The big map pages will be very slow the first time you open them, but they are certainly worth waiting for.  They will definitely give you a better idea of the tremendous job you are doing, for which you will be no doubt receive an extra day of eternal life..  -wd